Bridal Makeup Mistakes

how to avoid a wedding day makeup meltdown


Your wedding day has finally arrived and it’s all eyes on you.  Making sure your make-up can stay put from your walk down the aisle until you’ve busted your last move on the dance floor is a must! Before saying “I Do,” vow to follow these tips to avoid any make-up melt-downs.


1. no trial run

Making a commitment to a make-up artist without a trial run is risky business!  No matter how many amazing referrals or reviews the artist may have, or stunning their portfolios pictures may be, booking a trial run appointment helps both you and your M.U.A.  Trial runs give you both a chance to play with ideas, take note of what you like, and document products to use.   Your upcoming wedding day should go as smoothly as possible, and trial runs help ease stress and stay on time!


2. waiting until the last minute

Your wedding day is the day that you and your other half will look back on for years to come, making sure that you're creating beautiful memories is important. Making a decision with your hair and making when you're pressed for time, feeling pressured, and stressed is a recipe for disaster.  Having confidence is beautiful, so it is important to feel confident in your hairstylist and make-up artist for your big day! 


3. looking like someone else

Your makeup goal on your big day should be to look like an enhanced version of yourself, after all they are marrying you not your makeup.  Be sure that your personality and personal style are a part of your wedding day look, and that your other half can still recognize you!

Remember your walking down the aisle to the person that fell in love with YOU not a face you cut out of a magazine.


4. floating head

Blending your face makeup down to your neck and chest super important, it prevents your head looking detached from your body. A professional make-up artist should be easily able to match your skin with your foundation and blend everything seamlessly together.


5. uniform bridal party   

Every girl in your bridal party has her own unique look and personality, which is why they are all so important to you in different ways. Make-up usually looks best when it fits the person’s style. Letting your bridesmaids have little variations in their makeup will keep everyone happy and looking their best.


6. airbrush makeup

Although many bride's tend to believe that air brush make-up is the way to go for their wedding day, it usually isn't the best option. Traditional make-up applications are more catered to your personal needs, where  as airbrush tends to look flat and lacks personality. Airbrush make-up doesn't offer the skin correcting options that traditional applications do with corrective concealers, etc. Also, most airbrush makeup is not truly water-proof or sweat proof, it may be slightly water resistant but doesn't offer the staying power that traditional makeup does. Nothing is worse than looking like a Salvador Dali painting half-way through your wedding day. 


7. too little/too much makeup

Although, your natural face is beautiful it's important to remember that on your wedding day many photos will be taken. Unfortunately, professional photography tends to leave us looking washed out, and we lose our most beautiful features in the process. Hiring a professional make-up artist to enhance your natural beauty in a way that will translate beautifully in pictures is important. 

Wearing too much make-up on your wedding day is equally as bad, as I've mentioned before, they are marrying YOU not your makeup. Caking on too much makeup leaves a lot of room for smears and smudges and loss of your natural beauty. 


8. no primer

Making sure that your make-up stays put from the ceremony through the dancing is a must and having a good primer is key.  Think of it like prepping a canvas, for a beautiful work of art that will last and last! 


9. wearing glitter

Glitter and shimmery eye-shadows and  highlighters are fun to play with day to day but not always a great choice on your wedding day.  Shimmer tends to leave you looking oily, especially if you plan on having an outdoor or early evening ceremony.  Glitter and shimmer also tends to age us more than we'd like so sticking with matte make-up is usually the safest route. 


10. diy-ing your wedding makeup

No matter how amazingly talented you are when it comes to doing your own making, this day is one to leave to a professional you trust.  Naturally after all the planning and emotion that you will be feeling that day, your hand may not be as steady, and you may become overwhelmed easily.  You should be relaxing and taking in all the excitement rather than worrying about if your eyeliner is even. 


 11. changing your skincare routine

This is a big no-no right before your big day.  There is not always a way to be sure how your skin will react to new treatments, and this is probably not the best time to experiment.  


12. waxing your brows on the big day

Waxing leaves the skin a little inflamed. Unless you want to high-light your brows with red puffy skin, steer clear of this on the day of. Visit the waxing professional that you trust earlier that week to ensure that your brows are on point! 


13. not enough sleep

No amount of make-up can hide exhaustion. Getting plenty of rest, and making sure you're in the best spirits before you dance the night away is a must.


14. too much booze not enough food-or water

You are not going to gain 10 or 20 pounds by eating a sandwich the day of your wedding. It's a long day with a lot of excitement and emotion, don't drain yourself by denying yourself food and water.  If you plan on drinking that day and during your reception, making sure you've eaten will ensure that you actually enjoy the festivities.


15. no touch-up kit

Of course, your make-up professional should be sure to use products that stay put but after lots of kisses you'll probably want to refresh your lipstick. Having a little touch up kit with lip stick, lip gloss, tissues, safety pins, hair-ties, and bobby pins in case you get a little  to crazy while busting a move is a great plan!