So you're addicted to your tweezers, and this time you've gone too far..

It's time to check into eyebrow rehab!

Eyebrows are the frame of the face and one of the first features that people see at when looking at someone, but some of us have been stung by over tweezing, or a way too-thin wax job.  Not to worry with these instructions we can have your eyebrows looking perfect in no time!

  • If you are feeling that your eyebrows are too thin from over-tweezing or waxing, use a light colored eyebrow pencil and fill in the shape of your brow with a feathery motion.   Try:  Anastasia of Beverly Hills: Dip Brow or Brow Wiz
  • To tame un-ruly brows try using a brow wax or clear mascara to coat your brows Try: NYX Eyebrow Shaper
  • Having your eyebrows tinted in the salon also makes your bro
  • ws appear fuller.
  • If you must tweeze your brows in between appointments, it is best to do so after a hot shower. This opens the hair follicle and allows the hair to come out more easily, preventing inflammation
  • To rev-up the growth of your brows try using a "brow booster." You can find these at your favorite cosmetic stores like Sephora.

Remember creating the perfect eyebrow is all about angles, so if you aren't 100% sure how to create your ideal brow leave it to the professionals.