Looking flawless in the summer sun isn't easy. But, with this holy grail of summer beauty rituals you'll be the reason it's so hot hot hot outside!

It's hotter than ever and I know your skin can tell!  You may think the products in your beauty regimen are great, but what most people don't know is that even their soap can be sucking their skin dry . But, never fear, I am here to break it all down so that you can have fabulous, glowing, moisturized summer skin!

  • Exfoliating is a must if the look your going for is not reptilian., Scrubbing away all that dry skin once a week will keep your skin glowing! Try using a sugar scrub on your body, and a very gentle scrub on your face. But remember over exfoliating can be bad too so keep it to once a week. 
  • Clean skin does not mean oil-free skin people! It is important for our bodies to keep their natural oils! The purpose of cleansing is simply to get off dirt and other nasty things we have accumulated on our bodies during the day. Use a face wash that still keeps your skin hydrated! Try H2O plus,  at Ulta. 


  • If you are trying to keep your skin moisturized bar soap is a no no! Bar soap is drying and sometimes may actually leave a build-up on your skin. Steer away from the bar soap and go for moisturizing body washes. Remember the creamier the consistency of the body-wash the more moisturizing it is.   Try Olay Body Wash with Shea Butter. 


  • Water that is too hot can scorch your skin! Avoid taking super hot baths and showers, keep your water temperature at a comfortable warm temperature.  


  • LOTION!!! Always put lotion on right after getting out of the shower, this is when it will absorb the most! The best lotions to use are Coco Butter and Shea Butter!  Try Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Body Gel Oil


  • Always remember sun screen! Everyone likes a little color but it’s not going to be very cute when you have sun spots and leathery skin. Olay Regenerist UV Defense is a great moisturizing sunscreen with SPF 15 and is worth the money!   Try HEMPS Yuzu & Starfruit SPF 30